IMUS - not as 'Hip' as he thought he was, And worst of all - he's not even the real problem!

I looked up the word hoe in the quite popular dictionary of slang a too friendly little tramp, is what it translates to.

Nappy head had a couple different connotations, one is of a sexual nature, and the other is a way to describe African American hairstyles.

Next, I looked up some popular Hip-Hop lyrics and found that the word hoe also spelled ho is one of the most commonly used words in many of the songs. As wrong as that may seem, as I read some of these lyrics, it is amazing how these so-called artists are able to talk such filthy trash and get away with it. Not only are they getting away with the same type of thing that got poor Mr. Imus fired, our kids love it, and crude-dudes are making big bucks by spreading this stuff.

Heres a prime example:

2 Many Hoes lyrics by Jay-Z

So many hoes in here

My office hours 9 to 5, whyon'tcha call me there.

It's so many hoes in here

I ain't tryin to be rude dude, whyon'tcha dissapear?

When the Rev. Al Sharpton vowed to go after those who are polluting the airways, I seriously dont think he realized how widespread this problem really is.

Hip-Hop is a major problem and in my opinion much of it should be yanked from our airwaves, I-Pods and music stores. I can remember when my parents were worried about us listening to the Beatles but Im here to tell you they aint got nothin on Young Buck, Lil Wayne or the Ying-Yang Twins!

These songs totally trash women by saying such things as put em in a trance to get em out they pants, and worse so much so, I dare not try to print some of it.

And this is acceptable?

Incidentally, I do need to share one more translation from Urban Dictionary; mind you each entry is rated with a number of thumbs up and thumbs down.

The meaning they give to the term nappy-headed hoes Female basketball players at Rutgers University.

For what its worth that translation received 73 thumbs up and nine thumbs down.

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