IMUS - not as 'Hip' as he thought he was, And worst of all - he's not even the real problem!

Whats puzzling about Imus getting fired is how his racist/sexist comments are considered worse than that of the many others that are constantly talkin the same trash.

Why are some people allowed to call people hoes and others not?

Why is it okay for some to use the term nappy-head and others not?

Imus, with all his experience, should have known better than to make the comments he did about the predominantly black womens basketball team.

Should he have been fired? Well that depends on how many other times hes crossed that fine line over whats acceptable as comedy and whats just plain wrong to say.

I listened to that clip over and over again, and it seems he was merely trying to talk the talk, so to speak. I dont necessarily think he said what he did to be insulting, he was trying to relay how tough the Rutgers players played but made the mistake of trying to be hip while doing so.

Anyone thats ever seen the man, dressed in the same should have been stuffed in the attic outfit for the past two-three decades, can surely giggle at the fact that he would even try to be hip.

His demise the attempt at being funny was nowhere near as funny as the attempt itself. And quite frankly, even that was a bit corny.

But the real underlying question is not whether or not this has been should have been fired rather, it should be when is it okay to ever use a term like hoe? And just what the heck is a nappy head anyway?

I recently found a Web site called Urban Dictionary.com. For those of you who have never heard of it, you may want to check it out. If you are a parent whos child is in middle or high school, you need to check it out.

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