Locked outta my own house

We hung around after dinner and watched part of a strange movie and had a ball doing it. I left their house at 12 and got to my house at 12:30. When I stepped up the three steps from my garage to the door to the house and tried it, it was locked. I dont carry a key, and though I lock the house when Im away for the week, I leave it open while Im here. Id hired a carpenter to put on my screen doors yesterday. I have a bunch of double doors in my house and never got around to putting them up last summer. Jaime got all the screen doors installed (you know those pistons that temper the door as it returns to close, well my screen doors have two to each door. They close like butter. They are not your mothers screen doors). When Jamie finished each door, hed locked them. I know this only because after I couldnt get into the house from the garage, I went and tried the 6 doors Jamie had put the screens doors on (twice), and he had done the right thing in locking each one. I then tried the front door, it was also locked. Crapola. I was locked outta my own house. Why you say didnt I have a spare key hidden somewhere? Because Im very, very consistent with stuff like locking and not locking, and I didnt think Id ever need to use it and I might still be right had I not had work done in the house, though again Jaime had done the right thing by locking all the doors before leaving.Yes, I did try all the doors a second and some a third time and they were all locked tighter than a drum. I didnt get frustrated. I didnt get mad, and I didnt cry like a baby. I drove to town and stayed my butt in a motel. Its fairly ridiculous. You have a beautiful house that you put great amounts of time, and great amounts of thought and energy into, you come home from NYC every weekend partly just to be able to spend two great nights in it, and you lock yourself out. Thats ridiculous. Have you ever done that? If you did, were you upset?

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