Peru math students will remember this trip!

PERU Last April Peru Central math teacher Lin Chen started something on a small scale and it worked out well. This year hes trying it on a much larger scale with hopes that it will be equally successful. In 2006 Chen took four of his math students and two of their parents on a trip to Chens native China. They traveled to Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai. Highlights included unforgettable views of Hong Kong at night and visits to the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. On April 4 Chen, his wife Ake, 16 students and 10 adults will fly out of Burlington and begin a 12-day trip in China. Asked why hes willing to lead the adventure Chen said, I thought it would be a good experience. Its not every day you get to go and check out the Great Wall or the Forbidden City and it worked out so well last year. People enjoy seeing a completely different side of the world. Hong Kong is a very modern city, but with seven or eight million people. Its very crowded and its just so different from what we see every day in Peru. China with its Great Wall and temples are also very, very different, he said. Chen knows the students very well. Over the past three years he has taught pre-calculus, calculus and math to 14 of the 16 students. Since there is no school senior trip, Chen said, we thought this might be the last hurrah. All but two of the 16 students are seniors. The other two are juniors. While most days will be jam-packed with sightseeing tours, three days have been left for taking public transportation and exploring cities at the groups own pace. The students have done some fund-raising to earn spending money. Events have included a quiz show, a cookie dough sale, two Friendlys fun nights and a bottle drive. Chen said that U.S. currency would go a long way in China. He mentioned the popular Rachael Ray television show where Ray dines in restaurants for about $40 a day. One day in China the students will attempt to get by on just $1 for food. Chen said the average Chinese worker lives on $300 a year. Lin Chen immigrated to the United States in 1986 at the age of nine. Most of his relatives still live in China. Unfortunately, he wont be seeing them on this trip because the group is traveling in northeast China while his relatives live in the southeast. In 2006, he and his wife Ake traveled to China twice - in April with the student group and in August to visit relatives. They were married in 2006 and wanted to celebrate with his relatives in China and her relatives in Japan.

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