Bringing to light Invisible Children - on campus at PSU

PLATTSBURGH Invisible Children are very real yet their lives tend to be quite surrealistic. Actually, Invisible Children is a documentary film which focuses on the militarization of children, 10-22 years old. Its about children who are abducted, brainwashed and forced to kill their peers by the Lords Residence Army in Uganda. This is the second viewing offered by the PSU campus. The first had about 130 people in attendance, but mostly from the PSU faculty and student body. This time they hope the community will join them for the movie, a brief history of Uganda and the open forum conversations that will follow. Four distinguished professors from PSU, including Dr. Douglas Skopp and Dr.Richard Robbins, will also share their thoughts with the audience. I believe this is important because most Americans do not realize the scope of the problems in Africa, said PSU sophomore Jacob Avery. This is one attempt to give a small portion of the atrocities in the country. Avery said people can help these children by simply telling the story. Our goal is to have every person who has viewed the documentary tell three of their friends and family, and having those people do the same, Avery said. That, he said serves two purposes. First, it makes the story teller understand what they just saw. It will make them think, how do I tell this story? The second reason is to spread the word, spread this story.

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