The short end of it

Back when I was seeing different midgets and greeting them as if we knew each other, and even though they looked at me a bit askew, they always were very polite with their return greeting. Thusly Ill have to conclude, midgets are very nice.

I saw one of the two midgets I saw on the street in NYC a second time the other day, and of course was ready to greet him cheerfully, but when we passed he didnt look up to say hey. I thought how sucky it must be to be so short and have to wrench your neck terrible just to say hey. Then I tried to get into his head and see the world from his perspective, having to look up to door handles, having to use step stools in public bathrooms to wash and so on, having to buy either special chairs or tables or both to eat from the table and work on their computers. Having to have specially rigged controls on their cars, or not drive at all. How sucky it must be to have to fight trying to look over the head of a person sitting in front of you at a movie, or having to always reach so high to give the teller at the bank your deposit. Pushing shopping carts? High fives? I Dont even want to think about it.

I thought a while of all the things made for folks whore of a certain range of height, and how midgets ( I know of at least three, two in New York City and one in Burlington), need to fix their lives around those things. I thought too of how many gol darn little steps it takes for a midget to walk a city block compared to mine, and I wondered if the energy they put out to do it is in their bodies, relative to what I put out with mine.

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