The short end of it

Are you like me, when you see a midget do you always think its the same midget youre seeing? I can be at Kennedy Airport, see a midget, fly to California, deplane, take a cab to a Hotel, see a midget, and I think its the same midget. So Im like, Hey man, whats up, as if he too recognizes the fact we had just seen each other at Kennedy Airport. Course hes got no idea who I am and Im always a little taken aback when every time I see a midget and I greet him with a flourish because weve seen each other before, the midget looks at me like Im a little off.

I recently realized that in fact when I see a midget, its probably not the same midget Ive always been seeing. In New York City last week I saw a midget, greeted him like we know each other, then rounded the corner and immediately saw another midget, which obviously couldnt have been the same midget because Id just seen the other one. I was disappointed to have to realize that there is more than one midget. Not because I think there shouldnt be any amount of midgets, but because I thought I kind of had a relaxed acquaintance with one.

I think Ive always kind of thought I was always seeing the same midget because I live in Vermont, and the only time I was seeing a midget was when I was in Burlington, and I just thought the midget Id always seen was the same one, and maybe it was, because I was always in Burlington seeing him. But now after seeing that first midget in NYC, then seeing the second, I realize there are at least two midgets, and probably more, and maybe even more than one in Burlington.

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