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Douglas out of touch with Vermonters issues To the editor: Governor Jim Douglas' latest comment about climate change reveals either his profound lack of knowledge or a fools denial. Offering his observation that "February was a below normal month for temperature" as a noteworthy event that could balance the overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating climate change is a severe disconnect from reality usually suffered by the likes of George Bush or Senator Inhofe. Maybe the Governor should speak to the Canadians, Russians and Danes who are at this moment struggling with each other over the potential resources exposed by the melting of the Arctic ice caps-an event not witnessed in thousands of years. It is tragic that Vermonters in trying to bring political balance to their state continue to rely on a man who is truly "out of touch" with the major challenges we face as a people. Issues such as the war, energy use, climate change, job creation need explicit leadership and solutions not the politically expedient slogans, "accountability and affordability. My advice Jim, "Wake up, lead or get out of the way!" Mark Furnari South Burlington

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