A Colonial Harvest Feast with Art Thorman. #531-0927

Just imagine a cool crisp autumn day and fragrant food cooking over an open fire. What could be better than that? Eating it, of course! Together we will prepare lunch and dinner; you will choose the menu from early American cookbooks that will be provided. Ingredients will be available for making roast chicken or roast beef, stews, soups, homemade bread, fresh steamed vegetables, pies, pastries, and puddings. You will prepare the food outdoors and cook it using reflector ovens and an assortment of cast iron ware including Dutch ovens. You will even get to participate in the cleanup by washing dishes in wooden tubs. Bring old-fashioned cups, silverware, dishes, and a container and cooler for doggie bags. This class will give you a chance to step back in time and learn how food was prepared and what is needed today to cook delicious meals over an open fire.

Tuition $95. Member Tuition $85. Materials Fee $25.



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