Weaving - Lace Shawls with Tegan Frisino. #606-1018. 2 days. October 18 &19.

A shawl is a simple article of clothing that can be used to enhance and excite your wardrobe. In this class you will learn how to weave traditional lace patterns into an elegant shawl. The first day we will discuss a brief history of the shawl and the different types of lace weave patterns. Then you will dress your loom in the lace weave that speaks to you and start to weave, finishing your shawl the next day. As you work we will discuss different hem finishes and fringe treatments for your shawl to truly make it your own. This class is for intermediate to advanced weavers, ages 15 years or older.

Tuition $190. Member Tuition $170. Materials Fee $25.



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