Woodworking Hand Tools – Basics with Jim Schreiner. #578-1101

Have you ever thought about making something you’ve seen in the stores? Or do you need to fix something around the house but you don’t know how to begin and want to be safe using the tools? If yes, then this is the class for you. Woodworking and using hand tools isn’t something just for “Tim the Tool Man”, but is for anyone. With the basic knowledge you will get in this class you will be well on your way to building, creating, and working safely with a wide variety of both hand tools and portable power tools. We will take the mystery out of working with hand tools and provide you one-on-one coaching so you can learn how to go from idea to creation. The building blocks to creating in wood are universal: planning, measuring, cutting, joining, assembly, and finish. This is a great class for beginners, but is equally valuable for those wanting to take their woodworking skills and dreams to the next level.

Tuition $95. Member Tuition $85. Materials Fee $15.



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