Bushel Basket "Sampler"with Barbara Boughton. #560-0323. 2 days.

Though basketry is one of the oldest utilitarian art forms dating back millennium, today we have the opportunity to combine form and function. In this technique "sampler" class, you will weave a sturdy, functional bushel basket beginning with a kicked-up twined base. In weaving up the sides, multiple weaving techniques will be introduced. You will work with the instructor to design your own baskets, applying embellishment and considering color options. A range of natural materials will be available to weave into the baskets. The basket is finished with a pair of leather handles. Students will leave with an understanding of multiple weaving techniques and a unique piece of work. Dimensions approx: 10" diameter x 8" high.

Tuition $190. Member Tuition $170. Materials Fee $35.




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