Backyard Maple Sugaring with Mark Mayhew. #482-0322.

Since the time of native people living in the Adirondacks, we have all enjoyed maple syrup. While you may have visited a local sugar house (the building where maple syrup is made) you’ve probably left wondering, “Is this something that I could do in my own backyard?” This class will help you do just that! Here you will learn what it takes to make your own maple syrup: what kinds of trees you can use, how to safely tap a tree without harming it, what are the costs involved, when is the best time to tap the trees, and so much more. We'll answer these questions and many others so you can learn the basics for your own backyard sugaring adventure: tapping sap, collecting sap, and then how to turn the sap into syrup. At the conclusion of the workshop, we hope to be able to visit a medium-size local sugaring operation to learn more. So whether you want to make one bottle for your pancakes or are thinking of starting a new hobby, you are sure to learn what it takes for ‘sweet success’.

Tuition $50. Member Tuition $45.



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