Making a Longbow with Mac Barry Keegan. #612-0309. 6 days.

Come spend six days making a traditional longbow that will shoot full draw-length arrows. You will choose your own bow's intended strength. The bows will be made from local hardwoods such as hickory, dogwood, and hornbeam. These woods are very tough and forgiving, making them good choices for first time bows. We will use steel hand tools such as hatchets, draw-knives, spoke-shaves, files, and cabinet scrapers. There will be demonstrations of the use of stone tools and arrow making. Your string choice will be of either waxed linen or deer rawhide. Good fitting thin leather gloves are recommended to avoid blisters. Goggles will be supplied. We will use shave horses for part of the shaping process and a tillering stick to help get the bending as exact as possible. Tillering will be done both by eye and precise measuring so you will be able to make your next bow at home. A target and some arrows will be available to test your bow at the end of the class. A bibliography will be shared during the class.

Tuition $570. Member Tuition $510. Materials Fee $48.



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