Make a Tomahawk with Joseph Szilaski. #649-0308.

The tomahawk, or hawk, a most common and popular hatchet of many styles both historic and contemporary, is a both a fun and exciting tool to produce. Its name was actually derived in the 17th century from the Virginia Powhattan Algonquin language term tamahaac, meaning to cut off by tool, and was whose pattern was originally based on the Royal Navy's boarding axe. We will discuss design and function of various types of tomahawks. This course will cover the various methods of making a hawk including traditional and more modern methods. While suggested for those with prior forging experience, beginners are welcome to try their hand. Each student will leave with a completed hawk ready to be hafted.

Tuition $230. Member Tuition $210. Materials Fee $55.

NOTE: Hard shoes and long pants are required for student safety.



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