Photography - Thinking in Black and White with Jeramy Baldwin. #509-0614. 2 days.

Learning how to think in black and white takes time, patience, and practice. We see the world in color and learn how to approach the creative process in color because of this. Black and white photography helps us learn to break our subject down into its most basic elements. As a result, our compositions become stronger, our ability to include or exclude elements within a frame becomes more natural, and the idea of seeing the world as light becomes less intimidating. This class will concentrate on abstract thought and compositional foundations to further our creative process. On the first day we will work in the classroom and around the school to develop skills and ideas, then discuss and receive feedback on the basic principles of black and white photography. We will meet early in the morning on the second day for an easy hike to Shelving Rock on Lake George to apply what we learned on day one. We will hike to the water’s edge where there are series of islands and nearby waterfalls. This will be followed by classroom time to review our work from the morning.

Tuition $190. Member Tuition $170.



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