Build Your Own 14' Skin-on-Frame Kayak with Hilary Russell #598-0608. 6 days. June 8-13.

Come build a 14' x 25" skin-on-frame kayak. The craft will have a comfortable three foot long cockpit and will weigh about 35 pounds, much lighter than most commercial kayaks. Long enough to track well and yet light enough to carry, this is the perfect kayak for Adirondack waters. On day one you will assemble the jig, install gunwales, breasthooks, stems, the keel stringer and ribs. Day two, you will complete the rib installation, lash on the stringers (longitudinal pieces) and complete the hull assembly. Day three, you will fine tune the hull and begin installing the backrest, masik, thwarts and deck beams. Day four, you will complete the installation of the deck parts, prepare the cockpit rim for installation, and polyurethane the boat. Day five, you will apply a second coat of polyurethane, install the hull skin, fine tune the deck assembly. Day six, you will install the deck skin, rubrails, and stemband. Come fulfill your dreams and build your own kayak!

Tuition $885. Member Tuition $825. Materials Fee $695.

NOTE: Students are invited to bring a second person to assist them with their boat building. A fee of $ 250 will be charged for a second person that participates for all six days. A per day rate of $ 50 will be charged for drop-ins.



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