Gallagher premiers original work

LAKE PLACID — On Sunday, July 20 Martha Gallagher will premiere a new original work, appearing as the guest soloist with the Lake Placid Sinfonietta. The concert will be held at LPCA beginning at 7:30 p.m.
The Orphan’s Odyssey is a four movement suite for lever, or Celtic, harp and symphony. “I have never undertaken a music project of this scope, and it’s been an amazing “odyssey” so far!” Gallagher said. “It has challenged and welcomed me to grow personally, professionally and most certainly artistically. This is the kind of experience an artist needs to expand their horizons and, thus, what they share with the world, and I think people will really love the music. I do!”
The inspiration for The Orphan’s Odyssey is Gallagher’s unique, custom-built harp known as The Orphan Harp. The reclamation of unused wood the harp makers call “orphans” to build this harp was Gallagher’s idea while touring Dusty Strings Harps workshop in Seattle, Wash. several years ago. She thought using different kinds of wood for the harp. instead of the custom of using wood all cut from one piece of wood, which was an intriguing idea. “I felt a kind of kinship with these orphan pieces of harps,” she said. The harp builders were not so sure. The mixing of woods could possibly negatively effect the sound quality, as well as look disjointed. Gallagher persevered by sending emails every few months. About a year later, a beautiful harp built of bubinga, maple and black walnut was delivered to Gallagher’s home in Keene. Gallagher admits, “I don’t usually name my harps or even think of them in terms of any gender, but this harp was different. She claimed both, and her name is Hope.”
Gallagher is well known throughout the region as The Adirondack Harper. Recent years have had her out of the area on national concert tours, but 2014 is her self-proclaimed year of Celebrating Home in the Adirondacks. She will be performing throughout the region throughout the year. Over Gallagher’s 35 year career as a musician, she has performed with such luminaries as six-time Grammy winners The Chieftains, produced and recorded six CDs on her indie label Singing Strings and has been featured on numerous radio and television programs around the US and Canada, including BBC TV.
The concert is Sunday, July 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts, located at 17 Algonquin Dr., Lake Placid. Reservations can be made by calling the Center for the Arts at 518-523-2512 or online at www.lakeplacidarts.org. Tickets are $25. A reception to meet Gallagher, Siskind, Maestro Spigelman and the musicians of the LP Sinfonietta will follow the concert. More information on Gallagher can be found at www.adkharper.com and the Sinfonietta at www.lakeplacidsinfonietta.org.


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