North Country Lumber Jills

PLATTSBURGH — Roller derby team the North Country Lumber Jills open their season with a match against the Green Mountain Derby Dames Black Ice Brawlers of Burlington, Vermont. Joining them for the halftime show is the Plattsburgh Hoop Mamas and Papas, the local hula-hooping crew, performing a hoop dance. “You can hula hoop with any part of your body — including your nose,” said organizer Chelsea Varin. “Give it a gentle spin on your noise and keep the circular motion going with your face.” The eventual goal in a hoop dance, said Varin, is to move from one trick to another in a seamless flow. “It’s so much fun to do — it’s a great workout and very calming, kinda like yoga, with your mind, body and breath all working together,” she said. In addition to the hoop dance, expect a family-friendly tutorial and contest: Plattsburgh City Recreation Center, 52 US Oval. 5pm, $12/$10/$5/free (door/advance/under 13/under six)


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