Guest Bartender event

PLATTSBURGH — After a successful first year, First Weekends in Plattsburgh is setting its focus on the upcoming summer, and is fund-raising so they can finance these efforts.
On Feb. 7 they will be hosting a “Guest Bartender” event at Irises Wine Company, 20 – 22 City Hall Place, from 5 to 8 p.m. Ward 6 Counselor Joshua Krester will be tending bar, and all proceeds from tips will go to First Weekends. This is the second Guest Bartended event First Weekends has held. On Jan. 3 Lowell Wurster of the band Lucid tended bar at the Champlain Wine Company, and raised just under $1,000 for First weekends.
“Our last year was very successful,” said First Weekends President Tim McCormick. “As a new organization just starting, we’re extremely proud of the attention we’ve been able to attract to our Downtown. We’re happy to contribute to the many exciting events that Plattsburgh has to offer and these fundraising events help is do that.”
First Weekends is a non-for-profit, whose goal is to enhance the economic and cultural vitality of downtown Plattsburgh. In 2013 they brought in countless musicians, artists, museum displays and other free attractions to the downtown on the first weekend of every month. Their 2013 culminated with a Christmas tree lighting on the lawn of the North Country Cultural Center for the Arts.
“Our first year was such a success and we made a good name for the organization and started to bring some real attention to our downtown,” said Leigh Simonette, First Weekends’ Vice President. “This year we’re looking to do more of the same. We have an engaged board, a great organization, and this event will allow us to continue these efforts.”
Local businesses are starting to see an economic impact from First Weekends.
“They did it exactly right,” said Plattsburgh Mayor Jim Calnon in a recent interview, of First Weekend’s inaugural season. “They bit off what they could chew. They did a good a good job of delivering the products they delivered.”
“Irises is a staple business in our historic district and we are very excited to partner with them. Carol and her staff have been supportive from day one and they continue to show that ongoing support. It’s inspiring and makes me proud of what Plattsburgh is becoming,” said Simonette.
First Weekends is currently planning the 2014 year and will be holding future fundraising events the first weekend of each month throughout the winter.
Mail in donations can be sent to First Weekends, 162 Margaret St., Plattsburgh, NY 12901


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