Birch Bark Box with Barry Keegan. #614-1213.

Birch bark boxes date back to days long before European people ever saw the Adirondacks. They were traditional containers for: cooking in (folded type) over hot coals, eating out of, storing food and other items in. Most are shaped by cutting and piercing and sewing with supple tree roots or inner bark strips as lacing. We will use the inner bark of basswood trees to lace our boxes together. Boiling water is used to help fold the delicate birch bark, gently, without splitting it. We will use clamps, awls, knives, scissors and heat to create beautiful, functional birch bark boxes (one per person) with strong rims of birch bark, laced together. An option is pine pitch caulking to make them waterproof.

Tuition $95. Member Tuition $85. Materials Fee $25.



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