Make a Sack-Back Windsor Arm Chair with James Rendi. #690-0825. 5 days. August 25 - 29.

In this five-day class, you will make your own Windsor Chair. You will be guided throughout the process: from splitting logs for bendings and spindles, to shaping all the parts, steam bending, and assembly. The class will also cover sharpening a drawknife, plane irons,and how to set up and use a plane. You will shape your seat from a 2" thick X 21" wide X 16" deep blank of pine or poplar (the typical choice of wood in the early Windsors). Tools you will use include the gutter adz, scorp, and round bottom planes, and of course the typical bench planes, draw knife, and spokeshaves. The angles of the legs are what seperate the Windsor chair from ladder back or high style Queen Anne chairs. The use of rake and splay are explored to set the compound angles. All holes are drilled by eye with brace and spoon bits (chairmakers bits, because of their size and shape). Using bevel gauges and "winkers", you will see how easy it is to set the legs. Then we will set the top half, arm, arm posts, spindles, and bow. You can use a ruler, square or any other mechanical means of setting the arms and spindles, but the final vote is your visual check of how it looks. Wood movement may have the final say in how the chair will be put together; this is one of the reasons all chairs are slightly different from each other. Then we will explore the use of color and how it enhances the lines of the chair; milk paint will also be provided.

Tuition $475. Member Tuition $425. Materials Fee $250.

NOTE: Students are encouraged to bring their own tools: planes, chisels, and hammers, etc., and any specialty tools such as froe, adz, scrop, and gutter adz.



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