Photography - Nature's Details: So Close, Yet So Far Away with Carl Heilman II. #676-0817.

Understanding how to control depth of field with hyperfocus techniques provides full control over the depth of field in every image created. Getting close to your subject can add impact to your photos in different ways. There are various options for magnifying your subject and looking at the finest details, as well as being able to get close to a foreground subject while at the same time adding in the perspective of details in the background. This class will cover the thought process and techniques used for shooting close-ups. The day will include classroom time, time to experiment with some of the different equipment, and work with the shooting techniques in the field. While the class will be mostly landscapes based, the techniques and principles can be applied to a wide variety of photographic situations. This intermediate/advanced photography workshop is designed for those who are already comfortable with camera basics such as exposure and the relationship between aperture, shutter, and ISO settings.

Tuition $205. Member Tuition $195.

NOTE: Equipment requirements include: a DSLR and/or full featured point and shoot camera (preferably with screw-on filter capability), a sturdy tripod, and a remote release. In addition, bring along your widest angle lenses (shortest focal lengths), longer focal length zooms (that can be used with extension tubes), macro lenses, extension tubes, tele-extenders, and close-up diopters you have in your camera bag.




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