Intermediate Blacksmithing: The World of Scrolls with Mark Emig. #653-0412. 4 days.

As you progress as a smith, making scrolls is a big part of what we do. Learning to make multiple scrolls that are of a correct dimension can be a real challenge. This class will surely get you on the right path. The first weekend we will work on the tooling needed to make scrolls, the scroll patterns themselves, and the anvil and vise tooling required. The second weekend we will work on the methods of how to design, draw, and produce scrolls, and the patterns for those scrolls. You will also learn to make traditional ends for the scrolls: fishtail, snub end, half penny, and bolt ends. Come prepared to learn, do some figuring, and most of all have fun while advancing your skills as a smith. Previous blacksmithing experience required.

Tuition $460. Member Tuition $420. Materials Fee $75.

Note: Hard shoes and long pants are required for student safety.




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