Dousing: More Than Just Finding Water with Joan Reid. #644-0427.

Most people think of finding water when they hear the word Dowsing. Yes, dowsing is for finding water; however, dowsing is also a way of getting in touch with our “Natural Knowing”… our intuition. We all have the ability to be more connected and know answers to our questions about what is for our highest good or where something is located. Society has focused on technology and industrialization for so long that we have “forgotten” how to listen and trust in ourselves. Dowsing helps us to focus, get our critical mind out of the way, and remember how to trust our instincts and inner knowing. Dowsing is a visual validation of our personal abilities. By practicing and learning to ask the right questions, we learn more about ourselves and the world around us on many levels and many ways. In this class, you will learn about dowsing tools such as the pendulum, L-rods, Y-rods, and bobber. We will have discussions on asking the right questions. Demonstrations on using charts for dowsing and maps will also be shown. There will be practice time to feel the tools working for you.

Tuition $50. Member Tuition $45. Materials Fee $10.



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