Photography - Painting with Colors with Jeramy Baldwin. #342-0929. 2 Days. Sept 28-29.

Autumn colors bring people from all over the world to the Adirondacks. It is one of the most magnificent times to grab your camera and go for a hike. In this class we will get off the beaten path and explore the colors of fall. We will take advantage of the natural light, beautiful sunsets, and saturated colors and discuss and explore different shutter speed techniques to help us use the elements nature throws our way to our best advantage. We will add movements and abstract ideas into our compositions, creating “paintings” with our cameras. The class will include an easy local hike through gentle hills, past cascading brooks, and to the edge of backcountry ponds. Bring the appropriate clothing and footwear. Students should have a working knowledge of the manual functions on their SLR or DSLR cameras. Both digital and film photography are welcome.



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