Mushrooms: Medicinal and Edible with Nancy Scarzello. #315-0914.

Come explore the world of mushrooms growing here in the Adirondacks. Mushrooms play a major role in the health of the planet and can contribute to the healing, nutrition and wellness of our human bodies. Discover how to integrate them into a healthy lifestyle! You will learn about the where and when to collect mushrooms, how to safely identify and gather them, and tips on harvesting and preservation, including drying and freezing. The class will also offer a look at simple healing preparations of medicinal mushrooms and recipes to incorporate edible mushrooms into your meals. There will be many samples available to touch, see, smell, and taste, and resource lists and recipes to take home! No previous experience with mushrooms is necessary in this unique workshop for both beginner and seasoned “Shroomers” alike.

Fee = $85 + $15 for materials.



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