Elf Model Canoe with Scott Barkdoll. #408-0831. 7 days. Aug 31 - Sept 6.

As a group, we will build a Skywoods 15' Elf Model canoe. A narrow, quick canoe to take you across the water, this craft is ideal for solo use. This canoe is based on a traditional Canadian-built canoe; it is 13" deep, 33.5" wide, 15' long, and weighs approximately 50 lbs when completed. Starting with pre-milled parts, we will focus on steam bending the white cedar ribs onto the canoe form. We will move on to the woodworking, including covering the planking, as well as seat caning and varnishing. We will end with canvas or dacron to cover the hull and the filling or treatment of the canvas, followed by a review of painting and final reassembly details. At the end of the class, the canoe will be raffled off to one lucky student for the cost of the materials.



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