Ticonderoga Community Coalition meeting

TICONDEROGA — The Ticonderoga Community Coalition will meet Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 6 p.m. in the downstairs meeting room of the Community Building.
“An initiative conceived by Supervisor Deb Malaney has taken root and a coalition has been formed in our community with the purpose of combating drugs in our communities,” said Lin Leavens, a coalition member. “Part of this coalition is now identified as the Neighborhood Action Campaign which has been tasked with establishing focused actions that will directly improve our communities and empower our citizens to act as one and work together to address the problem of drugs in our communities. The coalition is a varied group of community members and county professionals who are committed to effect change. The entire community is welcome to participate.”
Leavens said the coalition is making progress.
“From the onset of this coalition’s first meeting, the common threads that bind the members are certain to be shared by our community at large such as a renewed sense of pride and connection in Ticonderoga, improving the quality of life in our communities, safety for all, health and wellness, to name a few,” she said. “Why we are doing this, is because this matters.
“What the coalition hopes to accomplish is a safer, healthy, cohesive community,” Leavens said. “We believe that given the right tools, right partnerships, communication and cooperation of everyone in our communities, we can rebuild Ticonderoga and reclaim our town. We welcome your support, input and participation. It really does take a whole community to raise our children, let’s be whole again.”


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