AntARTica exhibition

NORTH CREEK — On March 30 at 4 p.m. biologist Sam Bowser and artist Laura Von Rosk will share their experience of working together in Antarctica, and discuss how artists and scientists can inspire each other, as well as collaborate on projects that enhance their ideas and practices.
At 5 p.m., following their presentation there will be an opening reception for the exhibition “AntARTica,” which will feature Von Rosk’s landscape paintings, Bowser’s watercolor paintings of Foraminifera, as well as video work from two other team members, documentary filmmaker Hilary Hudson and musician Henry Kaiser.
Dr. Sam Bowser is a polar biologist and art/science enthusiast specializing on "forams" — unicellular creatures that play a crucial role in marine environments. His work has shown that Antarctica is populated with forams that evolved hundreds of millions of years ago. These Antarctic species are well within the reach of scuba divers — a fact that has taken him to McMurdo Sound 20 times where he has logged over 180 dives under ice-covered waters. Some may recognize him as one of the characters featured in Werner Herzog's documentary "Encounters at the End of the World."
Painter Laura Von Rosk travelled to Antarctica in the fall of 2011 to work with Dr. Bowser and his research team. She was there to assist with the scientific research and dive teams and, in one way or another, incorporate this experience into her own work as a visual artist. Von Rosk is well known for her small surreal paintings of expansive landscapes. By recombining, emphasizing, manipulating, or inventing elements of the landscape she explores the tension between natural forms and memory. She will show images from a series of recent paintings depicting her interpretation of the Antarctic landscape.


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