Trellises for the Garden with Bonnie Gale. #429-0629. 2 Days.

In this class you will make two different trellises to take home: an English Hoop Trellis and a Pea Cage Trellis. On the first day, the Hoop Trellis will be woven into the ground (and then removed) or can be done in a jig set on a table. The Hoop Trellis, approximately two feet in diameter and two feet tall, involves curving rods over and through in three tiers, then securing it with weaving at the base or ground level. The Pea Cage Trellis (made on the second day) will similarly be secured in the ground in a radius and secured with bands of weaving. The Pea Cage Trellis, five feet or less tall, is useful to support the growing of vines. Fresh willow and other woods will be provided, as well as young willow for weaving. No previous rustic experience necessary. This is a fun and productive class! You should be prepared to work outside kneeling on the ground or standing and be physically flexible. There are jigs available for those who wish to work at a table. This will be an outdoor class weather permitting.

Fee = $170 + $98 for materials.




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