Heritage House open house

WESTPORT — The Westport Heritage House will open its doors to the community once again on Wednesday, June 19, at 5 p.m. for an Open House. Visitors will be welcomed by Kim Matthews on the patio playing bagpipes and be entertained by the talented actors, singers, and musicians from the Depot Theatre. Local restaurants and eateries will be providing some of their most popular appetizers. The feature event of the evening is the oral histories collected by Westport Central School teacher Paul Mudie and a group of his students, Jordan Spadafora, Keragan Viens, Emily Rascoe, Sabrina Hendry and William Daha.
Mudie was approached to see if he had any students that might be interested in working on an oral history project for the Westport Heritage House Visitor Center. He was excited to help and found it was a good project for his production and editing class. The student project has captured the memories of Erwin Barber, Evelyn Brant and Phil Knowles as they highlight remembrances of life and their families in Westport during their lifetime, with the help of Colin Wells as interviewer. The students videoed, scanned photos and pieced together DVDs to be used at the Visitor and Community Center as introductions of life in Westport “Through The Years, Through Their Eyes.” The event is free to the public.


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