Build a Skin-on-Frame Double Paddle Canoe with Hilary Russell. #306-0614. 2½ Days.

Students will learn to build an ultra-light canoe, easily car-topped and perfect for portaging through our abundant Adirondack waters. You will steam and bend wood, eyeball the boat’s fair and not so fair curves, and assemble gunwales, inwales, stems, knees, decks, ribs, stringers, and thwarts. By Sunday afternoon, you will have framed up and skinned an 11 ½' solo canoe. Weighing about 20 pounds, this low-seat canoe will paddle like a kayak but be significantly lighter. Its polyester skin, once waterproofed and protected by several coats of polyurethane, will be surprisingly durable. At the end of the class, the canoe will be raffled off for $500, half its normal price. The winner will need to complete the boat by sanding and varnishing the gunwales and by applying a few coats of water-based polyurethane to waterproof the skin.

Fee = $400 + materials ($25 in advance through instructor for book on Building Skin-on-Frame Double Paddle Canoes)



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