Wilderness Canoe - Camping and Tripping with Jim Mandle. #431-0609.

Become proficient in the wilderness and confidently enjoy a canoe camping trip with less hassle and more time to enjoy nature’s beauty. This class provides personalized, hands-on instruction in all facets of wilderness canoe travel (tandem and solo) and the skills of backwoods camping. The expedition-oriented procedures you'll learn are equally useful on easy local rivers or lakes, as well as pond-hopping routes like those here in the Adirondacks. There will be ample time allotted for practice, questions, and socializing. Equipment to try out will be available and help you learn the practices of safe and enjoyable canoe camping. Bring your canoe to the class along with any camping gear you own so you can learn how to make modifications specific to canoe tripping. A suggested list of what to bring to class will be provided when you register.

Fee = $85 + $10 for materials.



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