Photography - Spring Flowers and Waterfalls with Jeramy Baldwin. #343-0607. 2 Days.

Spring is the time for rain, but with rain come some of the most beautiful and delicate subjects in the Adirondacks. From gently cascading brooks to raging waterfalls, along with budding trees and fields of wild flowers, springtime has something for everyone. In this class we will discuss the relationship between us, our cameras, and our subjects by exploring the connection between shutter speed, aperture, and distance to our subject. Participants should possess an understanding of how to use the manual features of their SLR/DSLR cameras and be prepared for cool wet weather. We will spend a majority of our time in the field exploring local wild flower hot spots and waterfalls. The beauty of flowers and waterfalls is that they are always willing to pose, so we will get up close and personal with our subjects and develop a relationship with them. There will also be Q & A and indoor lessons. Bring appropriate clothing and footwear for being outside in potentially wet, cool conditions.



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