Smelting with Michael McCarthy. #400-0601. 2 Days.

What is smelting? It is a process that uses materials taken right from the earth, clay, iron ore, and fire, to create the iron that blacksmiths have used since the earliest times. The smelter created a bloom, which is the basic raw form of usable iron. New York State led the country in iron production before the Civil War and much of that iron was mined right here in the Adirondacks. In this class you will learn to build a clay furnace and prepare ore on the first day. Then learn the basics of smelting as you produce a bloom from Adirondack magnetite clay. This is a must-do class if you are interested in historic iron production or are keen about Adirondack history! You will greatly expand your knowledge of the unique characteristics of iron that make it ideal for forging. Smelting is a skill and art that has been kept alive by just a handful of artisan blacksmiths. You won't want to miss this class.

Fee = $170 + materials ($25 - Est.)

NOTE: Hard shoes and long pants are required for student safety.



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