Build a Classic Shaving Horse with Win Bigelow # 419-0729. 2 Days.

A shaving horse is essentially a foot-powered vise or clamp that allows you to use both hands to shape wood with a drawknife or spokeshave. It has been used for centuries on homesteads and farms throughout the country and is still one of the most useful tools for people interested in handcrafting wood projects. It allows the quick adjustment of the piece being worked on, as well as providing a firm grip so you can get the most out of your shaving tools. In this class you will leave with a valuable shaving horse that you can put to good use, and the knowledge of how early craftsmen were able to build and construct furniture without power tools. Enjoy learning how to measure, cut, and create mortise joints! A great class for woodworkers of all skill levels.

Fee = $170 + $40 for materials.



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