Introduction to Paper Making with Robert Walp. #332-0726.

The paper maker’s craft is centuries old, but the finest papers in the world are still made in much the same way. In this class you will learn to make sheets of gorgeous cotton rag paper to take home at the end of the workshop, that can then be used for fine writing paper or to make a journal. There will be discussion about making paper at home, incorporating native plant materials in handmade paper, and samples of various handmade papers to look at. Learning from hands-on work and demonstrations, you will gain a basic understanding of the hand papermaking process and knowledge that will enable you to explore other facets of papermaking as well, such as native plants, pulp painting, paper sculpture, and more. No experience required, so come and expect to get a little wet but you will leave with some beautiful hand-made paper!

Fee = $85 + $20 for materials.





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