Natural Dyeing 101 with Anna Poulos. #390-0724.

Come play with color! Learn the natural dye process on a variety of pre-mordanted fabrics and yarn, and then learn about the mordanting process (using a chemical to fix the color to the fabric). You will dye your fabrics/yarn in several natural dye baths, including madder (red), cutch (brown), fustic (yellow), osage orange (gold), and lac (purple). The use of modifiers (acids, base, and iron) will be discussed and demonstrated. You will leave with an array of fabrics/yarns and a desire to do more! Bring a waterproof apron and rubber gloves, a waterproof marker, and needle and thread for attaching labels. A notebook and pen for taking notes is also suggested.

Fee = $85 + $30 for materials.



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