Soap Making with Chrissey Eberhardt. #222-0721.

Just talk to one of the many folks who have taken Chrissey’s soap making class and you will find out why this is one of the most popular classes we have! It’s a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon, creating soap just like Grandma used, but better! Learn how to make soap that not only smells good, but is all-natural and feels great on your skin. This fun class will teach you how to create soap using the cold-process and natural ingredients. Learn all about the basic process, as well as oils, herbs, and fragrances. Then you will create soap starting with a recipe, learn how to handle lye safely, and finally, go home with your hand-made soap. So say good-bye to store-bought soap and start using soap you made yourself!

Fee = $45 + $10 for materials.



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