Adirondack Landscapes in Soft Pastels with Connie Cassavaugh. #296-0718.

There is no place on earth like the Adirondacks! Learn how to capture the scenery and spirit of the Adirondacks with this timeless medium. This class teaches you how to approach painting a landscape in pastels. You will learn how to find the right subject for your painting and how to deal with outdoor conditions. Among the concepts you will learn are: perspective, atmospheric perspective, halation effects, basic composition, color, focal points, and the technical advantages and disadvantages of the medium. You will also learn about papers, pigments, and applications methods. Complete a finished pastel painting and learn the different methods of preserving your art. If you do not have your own soft pastels to bring, please purchase a beginner’s soft pastel set. The instructor will be using Marie’s soft pastels that come in a box of 50 and sell for under $10.

Materials – Students should bring the following: kneaded eraser, General’s pastel pencils - small set that includes white, Art Spectrum Color-fix 9”x12” paper (instructor uses the Blue Haze color; additional paper can be purchased in class), a clipboard to hold the paper, Handy Wipes, a chair or stool, small table, drinking water, and sun protection. Art materials can be purchased at an art supply store or on-line at Jerry’s Artarama, Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff, or the Art Supply Warehouse.



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