Dovetail Joinery with Tom Brady. #388-0715. 3 Days.

One of the most distinguishing marks of a true woodworking craftsperson is the ability to cut and fit perfect dovetail joints. Today dovetail joints are often cut with routers and jigs but woodworkers still use chisels, mallets, and skill to make joints which become more than the joining of wood, they become part of the art. You will learn about the importance of sharpening your chisels and many other details to make beautiful hand-cut dovetails. The object of this class isn’t merely to build this beautiful keepsake box, but rather a project that will help you develop your skills in making clean, sharp dovetails. You will make dovetail joints on one end that are cut and then glued, while the other side will be cut so finely that the end piece is removable to showcase your new skills. This is a class for experienced woodworkers who want to “kick it up” a notch and have some fun.

Fee = $255 + $30 for materials.



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