Willow Fishing Creel Basket with Bonnie Gale. #430-0710. 3 Days.

This beautiful classic willow creel is woven on a loaned wooden mold. The lid can either be woven for a pocketbook or for fishing use. The size of the creel is 7" x 10" x 9" tall. A D-shaped base is woven using scallomed stakes and randing weave. The sides are woven in French randing with three rod waling and packing in order to achieve the shape on the mold. Two holes are incorporated into the back of the basket for strap holes and a small rod border completes the basket. The lid is woven to fit the top of the basket. A branched willow twig is carved for the lid slide and woven into the lid. A leather and brass harness is included in the materials fee. This is a complex class; however, it is made easier by the use of a mold. Ideal for students who have some experience.

Fee = $255 + $105 for materials.



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