Blacksmithing - ABANA Journeyman Grille Project with Mark Aspery. #449-0812.

The Artist Blacksmiths Association of North America (ABANA) has developed a project they call the ABANA Grille for their Journeyman Blacksmithing Curriculum. In this class you will build a grille under the guidance of Mark Aspery. Blacksmithing skills such as design, layout, scrolls, collars, forge welding, and other joinery techniques will be included. There are numerous videos you can see about the grille project on the Internet. If you are seriously interested in blacksmithing, this is a fantastic class you won’t want to miss. This class is designed for those with advanced blacksmithing skills.

Fee = $85 + materials ($25 – Est.).

NOTE: Hard shoes and long pants are required for student safety.



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