The Landscape in Watercolor with Betty O'Brien. #260-0808. 2 days. Aug. 8-9.

Watercolor has long been a medium used for landscape paintings; the Adirondack’s beautiful scenery has inspired many famous artists, including Winslow Homer. In this class you will be given an introduction (or review for those with prior experience) to the basic techniques and characteristics of the watercolor medium. The first day you will prepare backgrounds that can be painted upon in the second session. The next day you will be provided with photos of landscape elements (trees, skies, closeups of plants or bushes, etc.) to use as images to be manipulated with various watercolor techniques. You will learn to move the brush in ways that can open the senses to immediate and fresh responses to what is observed as well as felt. Weather permitting, we will use the outdoor scene by the school as our subject.

Fee = $170 +$40 for materials.

NOTE: See website for items to bring to class.



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