Bead Embroidery: Freestyle Jewelry Design with Susan Havens. #347-0806.

Let the creativity flow in this bead embroidery class! You will learn the skill of double- and single-needle embroidery using an assortment of items to be transformed into wearable jewelry, including glass beads, metal jewelry findings, charms, gemstone beads, stone, crystals, broken jewelry pieces, and earrings. This type of embroidery uses old thread style embroidery stitches substituting beads for thread, and includes Native American Indian beading stitches such as the peyote and lazy stitch. You are invited to bring a piece you wish to remake or an item you wish to include in your work, such as a gemstone pendant, small rock, or crystal. You will receive printed materials on book and bead sources, thread recommendations, needle sizes, common bead embroidery stitches, and suggestions on creating a piece from start to finish. This class requires no prior experience and is great for students 12 and older.

Fee = $85 + $15 for materials.



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