Traditional Floorcloth in the Arts & Crafts Style (2′ x 3′) with Janet Flinchbaugh. #294-0803. 2 day

The use of painted canvas floor coverings, also known as “oyl cloths”, dates as far back as the 14th century in Europe. Once made from worn sails from ships, now 100% cotton heavyweight canvas, floorcloths proved themselves to be one of the most durable forms of floor covering. Environmentally-safe, water-based paints and finishes are used in place of the yellowing varnishes and slow-drying paints of years ago. Each finished piece will lie flat and maintain its shape, colors, and finish for years to come. Stencil your project with Arts & Crafts-era designs to compliment your home. Whether you have a bungalow, modern, or traditional home, this type of design will fit just about anywhere.



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