Shaker Oval Boxes with Eric Pintar. #259-0802. 1+½ days. Fri 6pm-9pm, Sat 9am-4pm

These boxes are simply beautiful and you'll leave this class with a set you created yourself! Enjoy learning the process by which the Shakers made these simple yet elegant wooden vessels more than 150 years ago. In this class you will make a nest of five boxes from cherry wood. Using carefully prepared thin strips of wood, you will carve the “fingers” on one end before soaking them in a hot water bath. Copper tacks are applied to hold the band together and the cherry tops and bottoms are fitted and held in place by wooden pegs. This project entails simple construction and elegant design - anyone who has admired these boxes can join. No woodworking experience necessary.

Fee = $130 + $40 for materials.



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