Create a Unique Door Knocker (Scottish Tirling Pin) with Olof Janssen. #397-0427.

You’ve seen traditional colonial doorknockers but are you familiar with a tirling pin? In Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic work Kidnapped, you will find, “ye can but walk the two days back again and risp at the manse door”. It was a ring that slides on an uneven bar and was the forerunner of the modern doorknocker. Now you too can learn how to create this unique item and keep a bit of history alive. In this class you will be working with one of the most creative and talented smiths in our area. You will learn blacksmithing skills such as forming, twisting, forge welding, and more. You will create a unique piece that is perfect for the door of either your castle or cabin.

Fee = $170 + 20 for materials.

NOTE: Hard shoes and long pants are required for student safety.



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