Quilt Road Show and Appraisal with Kathryn Greenwold. #361-0413.

Come to AFS' own version of a "Quilts Only" Antiques Roadshow! Bring in one or two of your antique or modern quilts with you to this fascinating program led by a certified Quilt Appraiser. Hear about quilts from the Adirondacks, upstate NY, and other parts of the country while discussing the quilts that participants bring in for review. As we look at the quilts, we'll identify the quilt block/design, discuss techniques used in making the quilt, and date the quilt. No monetary values will be assigned during the open portion of the morning. Come learn about the quilts you have in your own household! After the morning's open discussion, the opportunity for private quilt appraisals will begin in the afternoon. Receive a written appraisal or a more formal valuation for your quilt(s) in a private setting; these private sessions must be scheduled in advance through the school. Whether for your own information or for insurance purposes, here's your chance to find out what some of your quilts are worth!

NOTE: The Quilt Road Show will take place from 10 a.m. to noon and costs $25. If you wish to have your quilt appraised, call AFS for an appointment during the afternoon's appraisal time from 1-5 p.m. A separate appraisal fee of $45 per quilt will be collected.


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